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Our ready-to-serve poultry products are developed for you, who want to serve tasty dishes for your guests quickly and easily – without compromising on quality.

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Top Table

Quality products with a homemade look

With Top Table we always aim for the best taste. We handpick the best products from the most skilled poultry producers in the world. And we stick to our producers, so you're always guaranteed the same high quality every time. In addition, most of the products are cut by hand, so they look homemade when serving them in your dishes.

Easy and safe

Make your everyday life easier

Our Top Table products are prepared in advance and made easy for everyone to handle. This saves you valuable time in your kitchen, which can be used on other important things. And since both hygiene and risk of bacteria have been taken care of, you can safely let your staff handle the products – and still be guaranteed a consistent and high quality.

Chicken dishes

One place to buy poultry

Old classics or new products. Whatever you need, we promise that you can find it in our wide and deep Top Table assortment. That is what we call one-stop shopping. We take great pride in offering you one single place where you easily and safely can buy all your ready-to-serve poultry products.

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Food trends

Matches the trends and tendencies of our time

We are constantly searching the market for the most popular food trends and products, so you’re always guaranteed new, international food experiences. At the same time, our Top Table brand reflects the tendencies of our time, including environmental friendliness, less waste and good kitchen hygiene. Thus, your menu and kitchen automatically match the trends and tendencies of our time, when you buy poultry from Top Table.

We always integrate our customers' needs in our product development. That is why we pack our Top Table products into user-friendly sizes, which suits your kitchen. We've also put a zipper in the bags, so you can save time, money and keep your food waste down. We see ourselves as your business partner and believe that we – by listening to you and your needs – can find the best solutions for you.
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