Our story

Here’s the story of how the Euro Poultry, as you know it today, was created.

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Founded in 1999

The beginning

Euro Poultry was actually founded under another name in 1999 – Miron Foods. This original name was a contraction of the given names of our founders: Mikael Kristensen and Ronnie Christensen.

In the beginning, poultry was not the only food group we worked with. In fact, there was practically nothing you could not buy from us. We sold everything from pies and breaded fish to beef and coffee with a hint of vanilla. If a customer needed something, we would find a way to acquire it.

We wanted to be the kind of organization that had something for everyone. But it did not take us long to discover that the future was to be found elsewhere. 


A glimpse in the crystal ball

As the years passed, we continued to sell a wide range of foods. But we started to see an increase in the demand for our international poultry products – especially from Thailand. When we went to visit our suppliers in Thailand in 2006, our eyes suddenly opened to a whole new world. 

Poultry was reared differently in Thailand than in Europe. The birds were allowed to take their time to grow up and they had multiple square metres of space.

The manufacturing equipment was stellar and the food safety protocols were impeccable. On top of that, the manufacturing process was fully integrated. Our Thai manufacturers not only owned the farms, but also the slaughterhouses, packaging facilities, and transportation hubs.


From a European viewpoint, this model was the future. And even though we did not know it yet, it was our own future that we were looking at. Mikael Kristensen, founder of Euro Poultry

A world of poultry

The success of our international poultry products — and our visit to our manufacturers in Thailand — pushed us to start considering specializing in poultry. And once the idea had been raised, we began to see more and more potential benefits.

By specializing in poultry, we would be able to become experts on a single product type, which would make it easier for us to provide excellent advice and customer service. We would finally become something for someone.

On top of that, poultry offered lower fat content and fewer negative impacts on the environment than beef, veal, lamb, and pig — and there were far more ways to use it. We realised that there was great potential in developing poultry as a product, and from our visit to Thailand, as well as our experience with other international manufacturers, we knew for a fact that borders did not stand in the way of quality.

With the world at our feet, we were free to pick the best products from the best manufacturers. We would be able to provide a world of poultry to European kitchens.

The unique concept

From Miron Foods to Euro Poultry

In 2009, we made the decision to focus entirely on poultry. We knew that our turnover would fall in the short run —and it was a gamble during the financial crisis at that time — but we were convinced that it was the right decision.

In the aftermath of us specialising in poultry, it was time to change the name of the company. In 2011, we changed our name from Miron Foods to Euro Poultry. And it all just took off from there.

Today, we have established partnerships with 40 of the leading poultry suppliers in the world, from no fewer than 10 countries. Our unique concept and strong brand allow us to sell poultry products to 13 European countries with sales offices in Denmark, Sweden, Netherland, Finland and Belgium.

Euro Poultry the unique concept