Join the fight agianst antibiotics - and get sales material to boost the sale of your antibiotic-free chicken from Top Table!

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Would you like to join the fight against antibiotics? Get your own “Fight antibiotics” sales material and boost your revenue! By using this tailor-made "Fight antibiotics" sales material, it will make it easier for you and your professional kitchen to promote your new antibiotic-free chicken!

At the same time follow one of the great trends worldwide - and join the fight for a better future without antibiotics!

Get following "Fight antibiotics" sales material:

  • "Fight antibiotics" newspaper with information for your customers
  • Sandwich paper
  • Small food flags
  • Eye sign info plate
  • Stickers
  • Your own certificate for the wall

To receive our "Fight antibiotics" sales material, please fill in your information here on this site, and one of our local consultants will contact you soon!

Fill in your information below - and your local consultant will contact you regarding the free sales material soon!