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New standards to create even better living conditions for chickens

Here, at Euro Poultry, we greatly prioritise both quality and animal welfare. For that reason, we are excited to announce our support to the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) – a new set of standards endeavouring to raise animal welfare in the production of chickens.

The ECC-standards function as a collaboration between companies, production facilities, and animal welfare associations. The standards consist of six criteria, which are meant to ensure better living conditions for broiler chickens all around the world.

We, here at Euro Poultry, are incredibly excited about the ECC-initiatives, which fits perfectly with our very own CSR politics.

We are committed to supplying chicken products that comply with these criteria – given that the market demands are high enough.

The ECC-standards, which among other things include more space for chickens, fit extremely well with the high demands that we already require from our farmers and/or producers.