Environmental policy

Euro Poultry imports and delivers chilled and frozen food products to distributors within the foodservice and retail sectors, as well as the food industry in Europe. Our service is to be the storage and market leader in the world of poultry products, which is why we only burden the environment to some extent. Indirectly we are a company that, by virtue of our significant import, influences the environment through producers, shippers and distribution centres.

Therefore, we consider environmental issues as an extremely important parameter, which will help to strengthen Euro Poultry’s image with business partners – present and future – and ensure that Euro Poultry will continue to be considered a professional and serious food importer within the industry.

As a supplier to Euro Poultry, we require:

  • That the supplier has an environment, health and safety policy.

  • That the supplier complies with laws and regulations for environmental protection.

  • That the supplier strives for an environmentally friendly production, transport and storage strategy.

  • That the supplier minimises usage of all materials, raw materials and energy.

  • Where possible, recycling of materials and wastewater treatment will take place.

  • That the supplier continually improves and prevents pollution.

  • That the supplier reduces the amount of waste.

  • That the supplier cooperates with authorities, organizations and us on a reasonable environmental impact on the surrounding environment.

  • That the supplier regularly reviews the environmental effects of the daily activities.

  • That the supplier ensures that their employees act in an environmentally responsible way.

  • That the supplier involves the employees in environmental conditions and communicates policies and plans for these.

  • That the supplier considers environmental aspects when deciding on investments.

  • That the supplier reviews their objective, taking into account the factors that affect the environment.

  • That the supplier uses appropriate inspections and maintenance to ensure that the production, transport and refrigeration systems in use are maintained in good condition, so that releases from various facilities are avoided.

As a company, we will continue to work:

  • To be environmentally conscious in all possible areas.

  • To consider environmental aspects when purchasing work equipment.

  • To work for the least possible transportation of goods.

  • To involve our employees in environmental conditions and policies for these.

  • To ensure that all equipment is regularly maintained.