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Our raw poultry products from Chefs Club are created for you, who appreciates tasty and authentic products – and who aims to serve unique food experiences for your guests.

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Discover a world of poultry

 With Chefs Club, we open the doors to a world of raw poultry. We handpick the best products from the most skilled producers, and our international assortment offers a wide range of both conventional and organic poultry products and specialties. So, discover a world of raw poultry, where taste, authenticity and storytelling are in focus.
Three chickens sitting on a hilltop
Fresh duck breast Barbary

Respect for the original product

One thing that is common for our entire Chefs Club assortment is that we have great respect for the original product. Therefore, you are always ensured meaty and juicy poultry products with only a minimum of shrinkage during cooking. In other words, you get a consistent, high quality that you can count on – every time!

Chicken breast with skin
The original commodity

Release time for your unique signature

Our respect for the original product also means that our raw poultry products from Chefs Club are always trimmed and nicely cleaned in advance. Thus, you and your kitchen staff don’t need to spend unnecessary time preparing the products before cooking. This way, you release time to put your own unique signature on the products.

Fresh frozen

Fresh and flexible poultry products

All Chefs Club products are frozen quickly and efficiently. Because of this, the meat not only preserves its freshness but also its natural flavor and authentic structure. In addition, the products are packed into user-friendly bags, so you can easily and flexibly take up the amount you need – a benefit for you in your busy everyday life.





Food safety

Safety in the top

Safety is important when it comes to raw poultry. Therefore, we make high demands on our producers regarding food safety. Our raw poultry products are constantly tested for bacteria like salmonella, listeria and campylobacter, as well as the sensory quality of the products are constantly controlled. In addition, there is full traceability on all products, so you can feel safe when serving raw poultry from Chefs Club.

Corn-fed chicken confit with celery and hummus
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