Tour de france theme: 3 delicious diches with our best selling Roasted chicken filet

This weeks at Euro Poultry, we have "Tour De France" theme, which means that we have been in the kitchen to inspire you with 3 delicious dishes made of our best selling product - our Roasted chicken slides from Top Table. The Roasted chicken slides are perfect for a quick, easy and delicious meal for your guests.

The most special thing about these chicken slides is that they are cut from a whole breast filet - which gives a nice bite to it. Because the cuts are made by hand, the slices get an authentic and homemade look.

Read here to get inspiration for 3 irresistible dishes with our best-selling Roasted chicken slide!



1. Gourmet mini tortillas!

Mexican tacos are delicate, summerlike and gives you many varieties for your guests to each taste something different. It is a lot like the same intriguing taste univers as the sliders.

Theres is countless fascinating compositions in putting together your tacos, and therefore you have the possibility to create many tastefull and unique plates with your grilles Roasted chicken filet, witch you can spice with however you prefer. 


Skærmbillede 2022-07-14 kl. 09.54.39

2. Buffalo Chicken pizza!

We go a little further in the American theme with Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which makes you want to have a pizza party every night at your restaurant       - at least every Friday! The pizza originates from New York in the mid 60s and contains Roasted chicken filet, hot sauce and fresh spring onions. It's a pretty unique (and underestimated... if you ask us!) pizza with good storytelling and could be fun to serve for your guests. An exciting twist to the normal pepperoni pizza, it must be said.

Tip! Make a "hot-barometer 01-100" where the   guest can decide for himself how strong he dares    to get it. Are you a chicken?

Skærmbillede 2022-07-14 kl. 09.56.23

3. Caesar salad (with crunchy bacon)!

Here is probably the favorite salad of most people! The caesar salad with Roasted chicken filet is often a sure winner at the café or restaurant and works perfectly as a takeaway dish as well.

To give the salad extra umami flavor, you can easily add crispy bacon. which taste fantastic in a caesar salad! Maybe at the end decorate the salad with some chopped fresh herbs.



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