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Top Table chicken delivered to one of world's biggest festivals

Tomorrowland is one of the world's largest and most successful electronic music festivals with above 400,000 expected participants from July the 19th-29th. We followed our delivery of Top Table products on its way towards the world-renowned festival, directly to Belgium's 'Rock and roll' catering kitchen Festicuisine!

Euro Poultry visiting Tomorrowland 

The music festival Tomorrowland is held in Boom near Antwerp in Belgium. Last year, around 400,000 participants from all over the world participated in the festival and the organizers expect to get even more visitors this year. The festival has become popular globally, particularly for its unique and adventurous scenes as well as hundreds of world-famous DJs at the music program each year.

Tommorrowland Euro Poultry Top Table chicken FesticuisineOur Benelux Field Manager Jan Quakernaat was visiting Tomorrowland's "Rock and Roll kitchen" festicuisine, which serves all meals for the festival's employees - from the beginning to the end. 

Unique insight into Tomorrowland's crew kitchen

It was a strict planning schedule at Tomorrowland's professional crew-kitchen Festicuisine and in general anywhere else at the festival areas. Every single piece had to be at its place before the festival began the following day!

The "Crew Kitchen" Festicuisine serves both lunch and dinner with Top Table products for up to 1000 hardworking and hopefully hungry employees for each meal during the festival! So the preparation of the food in the kitchen was definitely at the top of the chef's to-do list.

Tomorrowland kitchen chicken euro Poultry Top Table

140.000 meals for the crew

The crew-kitchen Festicuisine recieved another delivery of Top Table products to serve delicious meals for all employees during Tomorrowland festival. Festicuisine's owner mentions during our meeting, that the professional catering-kitchen serves around 140,000 meals with e.g. Top Table ready-to-serve products for all employees during the festival!

Tomorrowland scene delivery chicken euro Poultry Top Table

Top 3: Top Table festival products
Chicken Top Table Tomorrowland

Popular Top Table products were succesfully all delivered directly to the festival's crew kitchen, where the Top Table products below were among the kitchen chefs favorite products:

1)   Fried chicken skewers 80 g
2)  Roasted chicken breast fillet 90-110 g
3)  Roasted chicken breast escalope, Jamaican J. 30 g

Big enthusiasm for Top Table products
Fortunately, the kitchen chef showed great enthusiasm for all Top Table products and the crew is looking forward to serve thousands of delicious meals for the co-workers at the festival! We hope all the crew employees, Festicuisine and all the participants will have a fantastic festival - and bon appetite! 

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