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The Taste of Japan: A world of sushi and poultry - Get a FREE recipe booklet

Euro Poultry is putting a spotlight on Japan. We want to inspire you and your professional kitchen with unique and creative ideas for using the Top Table® ready-to-serve poultry products and the raw Chefs Club® products as part of the Japanese cuisine. Allow us to direct your attention to the almost 2000-year-old Japanese tradition: sushi!


Sushi is the age-old national dish of Japan, originally consisting of raw fish or seafood and marinated rice, served with soy sauce, wasabi, and chopped vegetables. At Euro Poultry, we believe that sushi is so much more than just rice, vegetables, and fish. We’ve decided to focus on carefully selected poultry products in relation to sushi, as we think it’s the perfect pairing for fish and seafood – from simple to gourmet sushi!

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Du you want some unique inspiration to make sushi with poultry? 

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These days sushi is an international phenomenon, and it’s been served in the streets of Tokyo as street food for years. Over time, restaurants have started to experiment with different ways of making sushi, and at Euro Poultry, we consider sushi-making an abstract art, where professional kitchens can add their signature touch to their style of sushi. Canteens, restaurants, and cafés can stand out from the growing crowd of sushi suppliers by making their own alternative sushi!

Did you know  ...

that in Japan, meals tend to consist of many small dishes?

At exclusive restaurants, these are served one at a time, but in Japanese homes, all the dishes are served together, almost like at a buffet. The difference is that in Japan, you get many different plates because it’s considered bad table manners to mix the dishes.

Sushi with poultry is a child-friendly and wonderful alternative for those of your guests who prefer easy-to-eat sushi without fish and seafood. On the other hand, sushi with foie gras and duck confit are good options for anyone wishing to offer delicious, specialty gourmet sushi. With the Top Table® duck confit, you cut out the time spent cleaning, drying, seasoning, and marinating the meat a day in advance. We’ve already done that for you, so the tasty, tender, and juicy duck meat is ready to be transformed into an amazing sushi experience!

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All Top Table® Ready-To-Serve products are intended to help your professional kitchen give its guests the simplest experience of the highest quality in the shortest time possible. The range offers an efficient method for creating exciting alternatives to traditional sushi. The short preparation time for the Top Table® products ensures that you have more time to add your signature touch to your unique sushi masterpieces

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