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The benefits of choosing poultry from frost

Frozen foods have often gotten reputation to be worse than fresh. But according to both experts and studies, this is a myth.

The truth is that new technologies have provided new opportunities when it comes to freezing raw materials such as poultry. Opportunities, which actually give frozen foods several benefits over fresh foods.

Preserves freshness during long transport times

Many believe that fresh poultry products are fresher than frozen. But that’s not quite right. Because of the development within fast freezing, producers can now freeze the products in just a few minutes after slaughter and processing.

Therefore, when you thaw the product days, weeks or months later, you actually get a product that has just been packed!

This is especially an advantage when the product is transported from the production to your kitchen. With fresh products, the freshness decreases for every hour that goes. A concern that you avoid when the product has been frozen.

Maintains the quality and nutritional content

But what about the quality and the nutritional content? Here, the effective freezing process also has the benefit that no larger ice crystals are formed that can potentially damage the meat cells.

This means that the poultry product maintains its natural taste and authentic structure. And at the same time, the nutritional content of the product is maintained as the effective freezing encapsulates all the good proteins, vitamins and minerals in the meat.

Reduces food waste

A third advantage of frozen poultry is that it helps to keep the food waste down. This is due to the significantly longer shelf life compared to fresh products. That way you lower the risk of having to throw products out because of exceeded expiration dates.

And since many products today are individually quickly frozen (IQF), you can easily take up the number of products that you need.

Saves time and eases the workload

Some may argue that fresh products are easier to handle because you don’t need to spend time on thawing. And of course, you have to spend a little time on thawing the products, but it doesn’t have to be that much, if you just do it systematically.

Additionally, if you buy frozen poultry products that have been processed, there is a lot of time to save, because you don’t have to spend time on handling and cooking. You can just heat the products in the oven, fryer or on the grill or pan.

A benefit that really eases the workload in your kitchen!

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