Restaurant / Eatery: Do you know your target group?

It is often difficult to meet all customers' needs. As you know people have different preferences and tastes in relation to food. The reality is that you can never cover 100% of the entire market.

We recommend that you focus on your target group.

Find your target group 

Does your restaurant need an update or  do you need to change your whole concept? Do you want to reach your own specific target group - and increase the earnings of your business? Maybe it's a good idea for you to come up with a new concept in the coming future or get some new exciting products or even create a whole new menu.

Find your food concept and you can start creating your own menu. It is essential what you put on the menu. The dishes on the menu must are responsible for the turnover of your business.

You can possibly reflect on these 4 questions before you start up new initiatives:

1) Do you want to offer few or many different dishes?
2) What do your competitors offer? Can I serve more special dishes?
3) What kitchen tools do you need - and how fast can you make the dishes?
4) How / who should make the dishes - and how do we do it most efficiently with low-cost?

Find your customer's taste - and sell the profitable dishes

Before you start launching the new food concept, changing the menu and putting the new menu card into production, it is a good idea to test taste the menu. Invite your regulars or friends and family for to test the new dishes. It's always a good idea to get some constructive feedback from others, even if you love all the dishes on the menu!

Find the dishes that exactly hit your current or new target audience. They are the ones who have to pay for the dishes.

A good advice for you is to promote the most profitable dishes on the front of the menu with a catchy graphic layout and text. A profitable dish is a dish with low raw material costs, which is still possible to sell at higher prices with the same high value for the customer. It is a win-win!

Make your eatery to an experience

Today when visiting a restaurant it's more about the experience than just getting full. You can in many different ways show your personality in your kitchen by e.g. having an exciting American diner theme, an open kitchen or just offering a unique food concept. It is most often about not looking like your competitors and offering the same dishes.

It is a good idea to experiment with new and different dishes, which can always create new and exciting experiences for your customers. They will come back then!

In our Top Table assortment we have many different products that are perfect for the menu. The products are made-2-serve, so it is efficient and quick to prepare the dishes for the customers.

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Need help to setup a unique menu? 

Our consultants have many ideas for how you easily can turn your poultry products to tasty and popular dishes with your own personal twist.

Contact your local consultant today and get inspiration for your menu!