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Tag: Tips & Advice

Gain a Unique Insight into one of our Danish Chicken Producers
25.11.2019 Tips & Advice

You’ve probably already heard about our Danish, fresh chicken products from Chefs Club. Now, you are able to gain a unique insight into one of our Danish chicken producers responsible for supplying...

Agreement among Chefs: these chickens are the best
08.11.2019 KnowledgeTips & Advice

We have already talked about the benefits of using whole chickens in your kitchen, but which whole chickens should you choose for your cooking?

Animal Welfare, Organic Chicken, and Our Italian Supplier
07.11.2019 KnowledgeTips & AdviceProduct news

Our Italian supplier prioritises animal welfare and has more than 20 years of experience raising chickens in an organic manner. Our organic chicken products from Chefs Club give you the option to...

The Taste of Japan: A world of sushi and poultry - Get a FREE recipe booklet
11.09.2019 KnowledgeTips & AdviceRecipes

Euro Poultry is putting a spotlight on Japan. We want to inspire you and your professional kitchen with unique and creative ideas for using the Top Table® ready-to-serve poultry products and the raw...

Top Table chicken delivered to one of world's biggest festivals
18.07.2019 KnowledgeTips & Advice

Tomorrowland is one of the world's largest and most successful electronic music festivals with above 400,000 expected participants from July the 19th-29th. We followed our delivery of Top Table...

Barbecue Season: 6 delicious and easy marinades for chicken on the grill
18.07.2019 Tips & AdviceRecipes

Summer is synonymous with barbecues! And whenever there’s a barbecue, there’s a chicken to be marinated. It’s easier than you might think to make a delicious, homemade barbecue marinade for your...

01.07.2019 WingsTips & Advice

These days, chicken wings are available all over the world, in an abundance of varieties! You can get them in BBQ, chili, garlic, honey, Tex-Mex, and breaded versions. In fact, there’s no limit to...

Three easy ways to make Confit de Canard
16.05.2019 Tips & Advice

Would you like to offer your guests the incredible culinary experience of Confit de Canard? However, do you – like so many others – give up because it is troublesome and too time-consuming to...

7 alternative ways to serve duck
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

Very few would argue that duck is both delicious and tasteful. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to serve the popular duck in new and original ways.

Want to serve more poultry in your café? Here’s 6 great tips for you!
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

More and more guests go for climate-friendly and healthy food when they go out to eat. Therefore, we see an increasing tendency for many café owners to put more poultry on the menu. But often they...