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Autumn menu: 7 ways to serve duck!
05.08.2021 Tips & Advice

Very few would argue that duck is both delicious and tasteful. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to serve the popular duck in new and original ways.

5 Autumn food concepts your guests will love in 2021
16.07.2021 Food trendsTips & Advice

A wise person once said something as wild as "renew or die". That means to have a successful business, restaurant or dining place you need to be able to constantly offer something unique to customers...

On July the 29th it's... National Chicken Wing day in USA!
15.06.2021 WingsTips & Advice

These days, chicken wings are available all over the world, in an abundance of varieties! You can get them in BBQ, chili, garlic, honey, Tex-Mex, and breaded versions. In fact, there’s no limit to...

Why you should choose ready-to-serve poultry
10.06.2021 KnowledgeTips & Advice

Are you thinking about whether you should buy processed or ready-to-serve poultry for your kitchen?

Theme of summer: Delicious and fresh salads for takeaway
05.05.2021 Tips & AdviceRecipes

It is summer! And the restaurants are opening again! Therefore, we have taken a closer look at some delicious green salads that you can offer your customers. Here you get some suggestions on some...

Theme of summer: 7 delicious plates and products for a real summerlike menu
04.05.2021 Tips & AdviceRecipes

The summer has begun and it is time to take a closer look at the fresh and colorful summer plates! We have looked up some of the most delicious summer products and plates that will be a perfect match...

Healthy food to go: 7 Chicken skewers for takeaway
27.01.2021 Food trendsTips & Advice

We have taken a closer look at healthy and easy snacks that are easy to serve for your guests as a quick snack on the go. Of course we are talking about Chicken skewers! Our traditional way of eating...

New Years Solution: Want more poultry on the menu? Get great 6 tips here!
07.01.2021 Tips & Advice

More and more guests go for climate-friendly and healthy food when they go out to eat. Therefore, we see an increasing tendency for many café owners to put more poultry on the menu. But often they...

Euro Poultry increases the standard with Next Level
24.11.2020 KnowledgeTips & AdviceProduct news

Next Level improves the living conditions for chickens Great news! You can now get the popular Chicken Slices from Top Table, which live up to an even higher standards than the European ECC standard....

How & why you should calculate your menu and dishes
09.10.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

If you are not calculating the cost prices and sales prices of your menus at the moment, then it is maybe a good idea to begin calculating. There may be reasons why not all restaurants perform this...