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Easter recipes: 2 delicious easter meals with corn chicken supreme
18.03.2022 Recipes

We will give you two of our best meals for easter dinner with our supreme corn chicken. The first one is a corn chicken roasted in rosemary sage, grilled cucumber, marinated tomatoes with basil and...

Canteen food: 6 easy and delicious recipes for many people
01.06.2021 Recipes

We have taken a closer look at some delicious and easy dishes to prepare for many guests. Here you have 6 suggestions for some exciting dishes with tasty poultry this coming autumn, which fits...

Theme of summer: Delicious and fresh salads for takeaway
05.05.2021 Tips & AdviceRecipesSummer

It is summer! And the restaurants are opening again! Therefore, we have taken a closer look at some delicious green salads that you can offer your customers. Here you get some suggestions on some...

Theme of summer: 7 delicious plates and products for a real summerlike menu
04.05.2021 Tips & AdviceRecipesSummer

The summer has begun and it is time to take a closer look at the fresh and colorful summer plates! We have looked up some of the most delicious summer products and plates that will be a perfect match...

No to boring food: 15 exciting chicken dishes for children
30.07.2020 Tips & AdviceRecipes

Most kids love chicken. Therefore, chicken is a sure hit if the target group in your kitchen is hungry children. And luckily for that. Chicken has a low content of fat and is rich in proteins,...

14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes
22.05.2020 Recipes

With tapas your guests get the opportunity to taste many small dishes, something that has made the Spanish speciality popular many places in the world.

Why are we celebrating Saint Patrick's Day? Get the answer here - and a recipe for Irish Chicken
10.03.2020 KnowledgeRecipes

March 17 is the Irish National Day, where they celebrate Saint Patrick's every year. The day is a holiday in Ireland, where Irish people meet all over the world and celebrate with beer music and good...

Climate friendly recipe - Chicken breasts with crispy skin with lime and coriander seeds
14.01.2020 Tips & AdviceRecipesProduct news

Here you will find an easy recipe for climate-friendly chicken breast with crispy skin fried in a delicious marinade of lime peel and coriander seeds - with fresh homemade pasta in apples, Jerusalem...

Recipe for Fried Chicken / Chicken Nuggets with corn flakes
06.12.2019 KnowledgeRecipesChristmas

Did you know that they eat Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve in Japan? Yeah, that’s right. Read more about why the Japanese turn to the crispy chicken for Christmas. Additionally, get one of our...

[Free ebook] The 20 best chicken, duck, turkey, and guinea fowl recipes from 1999-2019
26.11.2019 KnowledgeTips & AdviceRecipes

"THE 20 BEST POULTRY RECIPES" #happybirdday Euro Poultry is reaching a milestone – we’re turning 20! That’s why we’ve collected the 20 most popular recipes throughout the years for you and your...