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Tag: Product news

Pulled Duck Confit (1054951)
16.05.2019 Product news

Are you one of many who would like to make Confit de Canard – but have to give up because the whole process is way too complicated and time-consuming? Well, we have some great news for you!

Canned Duck Fat, 700g (1054011)
16.05.2019 Product news

Want to make duck confiting a bit easier? Or do you want to make your sauces and potatoes extra tasty? Try our canned Duck Fat from Top Table!

Wild West BBQ chicken strips, 25-45g
29.04.2019 Product news

Art.nr.: 1025151

We have found a special chicken kebab just for you!
29.04.2019 Product news

Most people like a good kebab. However, due to increasing environmental concerns amongst consumers, there is a risk that more people will start avoiding beef and lamb kebabs as these types of meat...

Have you been asked if your dishes are free of antibiotics?
29.04.2019 Product news

If not, you should expect more of your guests to start asking that question in the near future. 

A unique and organic dining experience
29.04.2019 Product news

You have probably never heard of the manufacturer behind our newest organic Barbary duck breast and leg. 

XL Crispy Breaded Chicken Burger, 140 g.
26.04.2019 Product news

Art. nr: 1025291