Theme of summer: 7 delicious plates and products for a real summerlike menu

The summer has begun and it is time to take a closer look at the fresh and colorful summer plates!

We have looked up some of the most delicious summer products and plates that will be a perfect match for the heat of the summer and that will be easy to serve to your guests all summer long.

1. Sliders on the grill! 
Chicken escalope Jamaican Jerk, Item no. 1015051, 2x2,5 kg pr. bag

Skærmbillede 2021-04-15 kl. 09.15.40

These petite miniburgers continues to be very popular mini temptations! They are especially perfect for a different “tapas” lunch or dinner outside in the glowing evening sun.

There are many verities and options on how to create the little masterpieces - and with poultry you can for exsample offer a helthier alternative.

The picture shows an avocado & chicken escalope, Jamaican Jerk burger. Yum yum! 

2. Gourmet chicken-hot dog with crispy chicken!

Southern fried chicken inner fillet, 30-50g, Item no. 1026071, 2,5 kg. pr. bag
Gourmet HotDog_crunchy chicken style

Hot dogs are always a good idea. But how about this perfect pair of super crunchy gourmet hot dogs with chicken strips? We promise you that it is two times eight bites of pure sommer joy right down in your belly!

What can go wrong with such an unique and chewy food experience? With our crunchy southern fries chicken tenderloin, it is easy to create these two crispy “gourmet chicken dogs”!

3. Small soft af tastefull tacos

Grilled chicken strips 6-8mm, item number 1014111, 2,5 kg pr. bag

Mexican tacos are delicate, summerlike and gives you many varieties for your guests to each taste something different. It is a lot like the same intriguing taste univers as the sliders.

Theres is countless fascinating compositions in putting together your tacos, and therefore you have the possibility to create many tastefull and unique plates with your grilles chicken strips, witch you can spice with however you prefer.


Did you know the Eiffel Tower grows ABOUT 15 cm each year? 

The heat actually gets the iron to expand and it will grow bigger! 


4. Build-your-own skewers with roasted chicken tenderloin
Fried chicken inner fillet, 10-15g. Item number 1021131, 2,5 kg pr. bag


Barbecue skewers are the synonym of summer! What better than to offer your guests the opportunity to build their own chicken skewers - and add their favorite vegetables too?

Make it easy for yourself and make your guests cross off their choices on a list and use our pre-roasted chicken tenderloin (10-15g) cut and roasted in the most perfect bites for a chicken skewer. Enjoy!

5. Wrap with the exotic taste & look of Cuba

Shredded cuban mojo chicken strips, Item no. 10183111, 2,5 kg pr. Bag

Skærmbillede 2021-04-15 kl. 10.21.41How about inviting your guests on journey of exotic vibes and subtropic climate in Cuba?

In this wrap with the plucked Cuban mojo chicken from Top Table, we promise that you will have an unique experience compared to the traditional wrap!

It is a perfect fit for the summerheat - and an obvious takeaway choice.

6. Grilled BBQ wings, 30-40g 

BBQ wings, Item no. 1013231 , 2x2,5 kg pr. box

BBQtime_ChickenHOTwings_1013211Wings and BBQ is a given for the summer and is almost a dish in itself! Which is why you must have the opportunity to choose the grilled BBG wings for your summer menu.

BBQ-marinade gives the juicy meat a sweet and spicy taste, that is true hit for everyone. Combined with the grilled meat your guests will get the food experience, that will take them into the ultimate summer mood.

7. Yakitori BBQ skewers, 30 g

Yakitori BBG skewers, 30 g, item number 1013871, 1,5 kg pr. box


Yakitori skewers with BBQ goes hand ind hand with the summer sun, grill and good vibes!

The traditional, Japanese chicken skewers is combined with the proud american BBQ-tradition. Which gives your guests the opportunity to experience when the best of both worlds collide.

Check out all of our skewers here!

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