Snacking: Get more customers during the day

Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we often eat on the go or get deliveries of take away. It is therefore not surprising that one of the very big food trends is snacking - and it may be worth thinking in the professional kitchen in 2022.

Your guests are looking for small food experiences

With our busy everyday life, we are slowly waving goodbye to the three classic main meals. Instead, we eat a lot of small meals during the day.

But snacking is about more than just getting full quickly during the day. It’s about short, much-needed breaks, which we fill out with the enjoyment of small food experiences. And preferably healthy and nutritious snacks that our body can work with for the rest of the day.

Get more guests during the day

The growing snacking culture covers a huge audience – children, adolescents and adults alike – and there are many occasions to snack during the day.

Thus, there are also many low-hanging fruits to pick if you manage to implement this new meal in your kitchen. And this is true whether you’re working in a cafe, canteen, sandwich bar or something else. The need for a quick snack experience can occur anywhere, anytime.

By implement snacking in your menu, you can get a stable flow of guests during the day, ensuring an even turnover throughout the whole day.

Make your kitchen the obvious snacking destination

There are many exciting possibilities if you implement snacking in your kitchen. The need to eat small portions increases your guests’ desire to try something new.

In other words, you can experiment with new and different snack solutions that can make your kitchen the obvious snacking destination.

And it does not require any major upheaval of either your kitchen or budget if you want to implement snacking in your menu. Begin with few variants and see how it goes. Chicken is an ideal place to begin as it has many dining options and health benefits.

Get help implementing snacking in your menu

In our Top Table assortment, we have different chicken products that are perfect for snacking. Everything from juicy chicken skewers to breaded chicken fillets. The products are prepared in advance, so they are easy and fast to handle.

You can also begin with the chicken products you already use. Our consultants have many ideas on how to easily turn your chicken products into tasteful and popular snacks. Contact one of our consultants today and get inspiration for your menu!

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