Climate friendly recipe - Chicken breasts with crispy skin with lime and coriander seeds

Here you will find an easy recipe for climate-friendly chicken breast with crispy skin fried in a delicious marinade of lime peel and coriander seeds - with fresh homemade pasta in apples, Jerusalem artichokes and colorful herbs. 

For 10 people


10 pcs. Chicken breast fillet with skin article nr. 1005571
2 Limes
20 pcs of coriander seeds
2 dl. Rapeseed oil
1 kg. of Jerusalem artichoke
700 g. of apples
Butter (for roasting)
Red basil
Fresh lemon juice

Fresh pasta

1 kg. Durum wheat flour
10 whole eggs

Optionally: A little amount of water water



1. Crush the coriander seeds and grate the lime zest. Mix it together with oil and then use this to marinate the chicken breasts.
2. Mix together eggs and durum wheat flour. Use a food mixer or knead it using your hands into a firm mass. If the dough is too dry, then add some water. On the other hand, if the dough is too wet, then add some flour.
3. Feed a pasta maker with the dough, twice on each level. Alternatively, you can just buy ready-made pasta.
4. Cut the Jerusalem artichokes and apples in to dices. First, cook the Jerusalem artichokes tender in some butter, and then add apples.
5. Boil the pasta, and fold in the apples and Jerusalem artichokes. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon.
6. Roast, using a pan, the chicken breasts with the skin side facing downwards, and then let them finish baking the oven afterwards.
7. Arrange the chicken breasts and the pasta, and some cress, red basil, or other herbs.

TIP: Roast the coriander seeds on a pan after they have been crushed. This adds more flavor. 

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