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FAQ: 8 quick answers about antibiotic free chicken

Do you have any questions about exactly what raised without antibiotics means? Do you want explanations about what antibiotics are, and why it is even a problem? What does antibiotic resistance mean?

Get all answers to your questions about antibiotics, antibiotic resistance and antibiotic free chicken here! 

1) Why are we focusing on “Raised Without Antibiotics”?

Antibiotic resistance is one of the huge topics being discussed around the world right now. According to the WHO, the overconsumption of antibiotics in humans and animals has led to the rise of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. This is why the WHO have identified antibiotic resistance as a high-priority public health concern.

But, hope is near! Fortunately, NSF International is an organization that makes a great effort to combat this global, growing problem. 

But who is NSF International? NSF International are helping to develop public health standards and certification programmes to protect our food, water, consumer products, and, in general, our global environment. The official “Raised Without Antibiotics” label has been certified by NSF International.

2) What does it mean for a chicken to be “Raised Without Antibiotics”?

When animals are “raised without antibiotics”, it means that they have not been given antibiotics through their feed, water, or injections. Opting for meat and poultry raised without antibiotics is an important step in preventing the public health crisis that antibiotic resistance would become in the future.


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3) How big a problem is antibiotic resistance?

In Europe, 25,000 people lose their lives each year because they can't be treated due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For that reason, it's not surprising that the World Health Organization has identified antibiotic resistance as a high priority public health problem. The solution to the problem is to reduce the use of antibiotics in especially the health care system. The more antibiotics used, the greater the risk of developing resistance.

4) How do you develop resistance to antibiotics through food?

The development of antibiotic resistance is primarily due to the overuse of antibiotics in the treatment of humans for many years. However, in special circumstances, foods with antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be transferred to other bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. For that reason, it is important that food production also reduces the use of antibiotics.

Did you know that ... Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to our global health?

And ... that over 60% of consumers are concerned about the use of antibiotics and its risk of being found in some meat and dairy products?
(Source: NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Organization)


5) What is antibiotic resistance?

During treatment with antibiotics, bacteria can develop some or complete resistance to antibiotics. This is a global issue, as the consumption of antibiotics around the world is on the rise thereby leading to an increase in antibiotic resistance. This will make it harder to treat bacterial infections in humans in the future.

6) If I see the "Fight antibiotics" logo - what treatment can I expect the Top Table antibiotic-free chickens to receive?

Both "Raised Without Antibiotics" products from Top Table:
1) Roasted chicken breast fillet in dices (1023931)
2) Roasted chicken breast fillet in slices, 5 mm (1015911)

... have the official "Raised Without Antibiotics". Whenever you see the "Fight Antibiotics" label, you can rest assured that the chickens' upbringing complies with these 5 demands

  • Raised without antibiotics (NSF certified)
  • No added hormones
  • No added growth boosters
  • Protected from dangerous bacteria
  • Fed with nutritional and natural, vegetable-based feed 

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7) Does that mean that there are antibiotic resistant bacteria in all our other chicken products?

No, of course not... All of our producers strive for minimal use of antibiotics in bird breeding. And, several manufacturers have not used antibiotics at all for several years. So the risk is minimal. The official Raised Without Antibiotics brand is just a guarantee that the chickens are bred without antibiotics. 

8) If I buy your "Raised Without Antibiotics" products from Top Table, can I use it to market my dishes?

Good news, yes you can! By buying our our antibiotic-free products from Top Table, you are automatically reducing the amount of antibiotics worldwide! You can write this under the official "Raised Without Antibiotics" logo and use it as a unique selling point for your guests.

Both products, Roasted chicken breast fillet in dices - spicy, 13 mm (1023931) and Roasted chicken breast fillet in slices, 5 mm (1015911), have the official "Raised Without Antibiotics" certification and you are free to use it for marketing to your guests!

Want to "Fight antibiotics" in the world? Boost your sale of antibiotic free chicken & get "Fight antibiotics" sales material for FREE!

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Though, please notice... that you are not allowed to promote your dishes if other meat or dairy products, which do not have the official certification, appear in the dishes. For example, if you serve our antibiotic-free grilled chicken in a sandwich with e.g. bacon with no certification, you cannot promote your sandwich as "Raised Without Antibiotics". But you are allowed to promote the "Raised without Antibiotics" products from Top Table. 

We hope this answered your questions about breeding without antibiotics! 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!