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8 easy marinades that are perfect for chicken
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

It can be a good idea to have different marinades to choose from if you want to vary the menu and give the guests new and exciting tasting experiences with chicken. And fortunately, there are many...

The benefits of choosing poultry from frost
26.04.2019 Knowledge

Frozen foods have often gotten reputation to be worse than fresh. But according to both experts and studies, this is a myth.

Curry soup with grilled chicken dices, leeks and toasted rye bread
26.04.2019 Recipes

Autumn is sneaking up on us. Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and the guests are no longer hungry for grilled meat and cold potato salad.

Why healthy poultry dishes contribute to productive canteen guests
26.04.2019 Knowledge

It’s not enough that canteen food is tasty and delicious. The food must also contribute to healthy and productive employees.

Hot wings – the perfect food sharing meal for your guests
26.04.2019 Food trends

Do you have hot wings on your menu card? If not, you might want to consider it. Here’s why!

5 reasons why chicken is healthy to eat for you – and your guests
26.04.2019 Knowledge

The smoke from New Year’s Eve has barely settled before the wave of New Year’s resolutions have flushed over us. The calendar shows January, and for many people this month is dedicated to healthy...

14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes
26.04.2019 Recipes

With tapas your guests get the opportunity to taste many small dishes, something that has made the Spanish specialty popular many places in the world.

Elevate your salad bar with healthy and tasty chicken
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

The line for the salad bar is never as long as in the beginning of a new year. To make sure all the health conscious consumers choose your salad bar, it might be an idea to add something extra.

XL Crispy Breaded Chicken Burger, 140 g.
26.04.2019 Product news

Art. nr: 1025291

How You Get 5 Meals From One Whole Chicken
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

It may seem difficult to handle whole chickens. Especially if you work in a production kitchen. But it doesn’t have to be time consuming, and with the many meals you can get from a whole chicken,...