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Everything you need to know about Raised Without Antibiotics
26.04.2019 Knowledge

As a new addition to our Top Table assortment, we now offer two chicken products, which are raised without the use of antibiotics. 

Elevate your salad bar with healthy and tasty chicken
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

The line for the salad bar is never as long as in the beginning of a new year. To make sure all the health conscious consumers choose your salad bar, it might be an idea to add something extra.

XL Crispy Breaded Chicken Burger, 140 g.
26.04.2019 Product news

Art. nr: 1025291

How You Get 5 Meals From One Whole Chicken
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

It may seem difficult to handle whole chickens. Especially if you work in a production kitchen. But it doesn’t have to be time consuming, and with the many meals you can get from a whole chicken,...

Put chicken on the menu – and make a difference for both the environment and your income
26.04.2019 Knowledge

It’s no secret that the world is facing big climate challenges. And since we humans help create to the global warming that affects our planet, we become more and more aware of the choices we make...

The 6 Benefits of Using Whole Chickens
26.04.2019 Knowledge

The parting of whole chickens requires some time. But if you choose to buy whole chickens, you get several benefits in your kitchen!

The anatomy and cut-outs of a chicken
26.04.2019 Knowledge

Here you’ll get a quick overview of the anatomy of a chicken and the different slicings that you serve in your kitchen.

What is the difference between a hen and a chicken?
26.04.2019 Knowledge

The words “chicken” and “hen” are often used arbitrarily. But what’s the actual difference between the two?  

Give your guests the taste of grilled chicken – without lightning up the grill
26.04.2019 Tips & Advice

During summer, nothing sells like the taste of grill. However, not all canteens, cafes and restaurants have time or space to barbeque.

Chicken lasagna with spinach – easy, creamy and “healthy” recipe
26.04.2019 Recipes

Chicken lasagna is a sure hit if you want to target a wider audience with your kitchen.