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The Taste of Japan: A world of sushi and poultry - Get a FREE recipe booklet
11.09.2019 KnowledgeTips & AdviceRecipes

Euro Poultry is putting a spotlight on Japan. We want to inspire you and your professional kitchen with unique and creative ideas for using the Top Table® ready-to-serve poultry products and the raw...

Top Table chicken delivered to one of world's biggest festivals
18.07.2019 KnowledgeTips & Advice

Tomorrowland is one of the world's largest and most successful electronic music festivals with above 400,000 expected participants from July the 19th-29th. We followed our delivery of Top Table...

Barbecue Season: 6 delicious and easy marinades for chicken on the grill
18.07.2019 Tips & AdviceRecipes

Summer is synonymous with barbecues! And whenever there’s a barbecue, there’s a chicken to be marinated. It’s easier than you might think to make a delicious, homemade barbecue marinade for your...

Recipe: How to make the best and easiest Chicken Curry  in the world
03.07.2019 Recipes

Chicken curry is a classic as far as cooking goes. And it’s a hit with adults and kids alike! This recipe offers a simple and tasty spin on the classic dish that’s easy to make in a professional...

01.07.2019 WingsTips & Advice

These days, chicken wings are available all over the world, in an abundance of varieties! You can get them in BBQ, chili, garlic, honey, Tex-Mex, and breaded versions. In fact, there’s no limit to...

Euro Poultry is donating surplus products to welfare organisations
31.05.2019 Knowledge

Euro Poultry has partnered with The Danish Food Bank / The Federation of European Food Banks (FEBA) to defeat food poverty in our society

Why you should put wings on your menu card
28.05.2019 Wings

Chicken wings are more than just crispy skin and juicy meat with a great taste.

Hickory Wings (1013131)
28.05.2019 WingsProduct news

Get the authentic taste of smoked Hickory wood right into your kitchen with our new Hickory Wings!

Tex-Mex Wings (1013111)
28.05.2019 WingsProduct news

Sense the presence of history and send your guests on a unique journey of taste with the new Tex-Mex Wings from Top Table!

Hot Kicking Wings (1027151)
27.05.2019 WingsProduct news

Get ready, get set … Our new Hot Kicking Wings from Top Table are going to blow the minds of your guests!