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No to boring food: 15 exciting chicken dishes for children
30.07.2020 Tips & AdviceRecipes

Most kids love chicken. Therefore, chicken is a sure hit if the target group in your kitchen is hungry children. And luckily for that. Chicken has a low content of fat and is rich in proteins,...

Why you should implement snacking in your kitchen
08.07.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we often eat on the go or get deliveries of take away. It is therefore not surprising that one of the very big food trends is...

Summer take away: Spice up your salad bar with healthy and flavorful chicken
10.06.2020 Tips & Advice

Summer is here! And the many health conscious consumers are looking for inspiring and healthy salads to enjoy in the summer sun. We have therefore taken a closer look at how you can spice up your...

14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes
22.05.2020 Recipes

With tapas your guests get the opportunity to taste many small dishes, something that has made the Spanish speciality popular many places in the world.

Corona guide: 7 good tips for restaurants, cafes, canteens and dining places during Covid-19
19.03.2020 Tips & Advice

With this guide we have made 7 good tips for you and your restaurant, café, canteen, grill or other eatery. Take this help as a contribution to you and your eatery through this challenging corona...

Why are we celebrating Saint Patrick's Day? Get the answer here - and a recipe for Irish Chicken
10.03.2020 KnowledgeRecipes

March 17 is the Irish National Day, where they celebrate Saint Patrick's every year. The day is a holiday in Ireland, where Irish people meet all over the world and celebrate with beer music and good...

From sugar canes to green plastics: how are recyclable plastics made from sugar canes?
02.03.2020 Knowledge

What are green plastics? Where and how is plastic made from sugar canes? What does polyethylene and bioethanol mean? Get all your answers here and find out more about recyclable plastics. 

5 reasons why poultry is the right choice for your canteen menu
25.02.2020 Knowledge

It’s not enough that canteen food is tasty and delicious. The food must also contribute to e.g. healthy and productive employees.

No worries in the kitchen, We set the requirements for you
28.01.2020 Food trendsKnowledge

Climate friendly recipe - Chicken breasts with crispy skin with lime and coriander seeds
14.01.2020 Tips & AdviceRecipesProduct news

Here you will find an easy recipe for climate-friendly chicken breast with crispy skin fried in a delicious marinade of lime peel and coriander seeds - with fresh homemade pasta in apples, Jerusalem...