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3 marinades that are perfect for Chicken Wings!
03.06.2022 WingsRecipesInternational Chicken Wing Day

When serving Chicken Wings, it is of utmost importance that the marinade and the toppings to be served are in order. After all, it's half the taste experience. We have gathered a number of our best...

6 delicious Chicken Wings
03.06.2022 WingsInternational Chicken Wing Day

We take chicken wings to completely new levels and give you six different Top Table wings to choose from. Six different tastes - six different experiences. And all of them with good storytelling, so...

Information regarding the recyclable packaging from Chefs Club
25.05.2022 Product news

Easter recipes: 2 delicious easter meals with corn chicken supreme
18.03.2022 Recipes

We will give you two of our best meals for easter dinner with our supreme corn chicken. The first one is a corn chicken roasted in rosemary sage, grilled cucumber, marinated tomatoes with basil and...

Healthy start in 2022: 7 chicken skewers on the go!
05.01.2022 Food trendsTips & Advice

We have taken a closer look at healthy and easy snacks that are easy to serve for your guests as a quick snack on the go. Of course we are talking about Chicken skewers! Our traditional way of eating...

5 food trends & predictions in 2022 (to 2050)
10.11.2021 KnowledgeTips & AdviceFood tendencies

It is often difficult to know and spot which food trends and tendencies that will dominate in the future. Especially after the whole Corona- the situation has left its mark on the food industry and...

Snacking: Get more customers during the day
15.10.2021 Food trendsTips & Advice

Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we often eat on the go or get deliveries of take away. It is therefore not surprising that one of the very big food trends is...

Duck Confit: Three easy ways to make Confit de Canard
14.09.2021 Tips & AdviceChristmas

Would you like to offer your guests the incredible culinary experience of Confit de Canard? However, do you – like so many others – give up because it is troublesome and too time-consuming to...

Restaurant / Eatery: Do you know your target group?
07.09.2021 Tips & AdviceProduct news

It is often difficult to meet all customers' needs. As you know people have different preferences and tastes in relation to food. The reality is that you can never cover 100% of the entire market. We...

Wholy Chicken! The anatomy and cut-outs of a chicken
31.08.2021 Knowledge

Here you’ll get a quick overview of the anatomy of a chicken and the different slicings that you serve in your kitchen.