Euro Poultry increases the standard with Next Level

Next Level improves the living conditions for chickens

Great news! You can now get the popular Chicken Slices from Top Table, which live up to an even higher standards than the European ECC standard. Our 'Next Level' standard benefits to make the animal welfare for the chickens even better with for example:

- A more natural life cycle
- Longer lifetime 
- Access to natural light and activity materials
- Maximum 4 hours transport time 

To make the best possible living conditions, our chickens receive daily nutritious feed, have access to stimulating activities and plenty of room for exercise. The chickens gets a more natural life cycle and slowly grow up in a healthy and safe environments.

At Euro Poultry, our intention is to create the best and most natural experience with poultry as possible. We believe that the key to the healthy, responsible and tasteful choice is to help optimizing the world's animal welfare.

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The highest standards create the best living conditions for chickens

That is why we of course support the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) standard - and we live up to even higher standards to create the best animal welfare among broilers in the world.

As a customer, it can be difficult to distinguish between the different standards. For that reason Euro Poultry has prepared a simple overview below, which shows the higher standards 'Next Level' and 'Better Life' - and what the differences are between them and the ECC standard. We are ready to deliver products for your specific needs.

The ECC standard is a collaboration between companies, productions and animal welfare associations. The standard is to ensure better living conditions among chickens in the world.

For this reason, we are happy to support the even higher standards 'Next level' and 'Better Life', to create the best possible animal welfare standards among broilers in the world.