NEWS! Yakitori Mango Sweet Chili skewer

In the autumn of 2019, Euro Poultry is putting a spotlight on Japan with our focus on: ”THE TASTE OF JAPAN”.

We want to inspire professional kitchens with unique and creative ideas for using the Top Table ready-to-serve products as part of the Japanese cuisine. We’ve added a new and exciting Yakitori skewer to the Top Table Yakitori range, and on top of that, we’ve changed the design on the Yakitori packaging.
Yakitori mango sweet chili , Euro Poultry chicken skewers box plate


In Japanese, “Yaki” means grilled and “tori” means chicken. Yakitori skewers are an age-old part of the Japanese kitchen, with its history dating back hundreds of years. Recently, it has become a popular dish in the rest of the world. As per the Japanese tradition, Top Table’s Yakitori skewers are marinated by hand and grilled over a charcoal fire! The delicious, marinated chicken is separated into perfect, bitesize snacks on a wooden stick, making it nice and ‘handy’ for children and adults alike!


Our Top Table range of Yakitori skewers has been expanded from 4 to 5 versions, thanks to the Mango sweet chili chicken skeweraddition of the new Yakitori Mango/Sweet Chili. The skewer has a delicious note of fruity mango, as well as the recognisable taste of sweet chili sauce. The taste is popular with both kids and grownups. The skewer has the same grilled, authentic taste as always, and the chili adds a touch of heat. The

Top Table range of Yakitori skewers now offers a selection of five unique marinades: Satay, Soy, Hot Chili, BBQ, and our new Mango/Sweet Chili.


After just 12 minutes in the oven straight from frozen, the TopTable Yakitori skewers maintain their authentic, rustic expression, as if traditionally prepared and grilled over a charcoal fire in Japan! These ready-to-serve skewers with five different marinades are perfect for inspiring and different Japanese dishes – as well as for an addition to the buffet!


The packaging for our Top Table Yakitori skewers has been updated in order to create a better visual appearance. The new packaging will be rolled out in the autumn of 2019.
En New design of all boxes

Yakitori mango sweet chili , Euro Poultry chicken skewersOur Yakitori chicken skewer mango/sweet chili marinade can be ordered from 18 September 2019 - Order our new Yakitori Mango Sweet Chili and our other skewers from your local wholesaler - or contact one of our consultants here.

Are you interested in cooking Japanese cuisine e.g. sushi with foie gras, confit duck, chicken, and Yakitori skewers?

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