Gain a Unique Insight into one of our Danish Chicken Producers

You’ve probably already heard about our Danish, fresh chicken products from Chefs Club. Now, you are able to gain a unique insight into one of our Danish chicken producers responsible for supplying the products.

It all started back in 1963 as a family owned farm with a small hen house. Even though the production has grown since then, it is still based on the pride of, and love for, chickens.


Great Space and Healthy Feet

The chickens are born and raised in Denmark, and they have unlimited access to Danish fodder. With about 10-12 birds per square metre, they have a great amount of space to wander about. In the stables, a nice layer of cut up straw is placed and always kept dry. This ensures that the chickens’ feet are always nice and healthy, which reduces the risk of bumblefoot.

Different Chickens with Different Needs

The fodder consists of a mix of soy, wheat, corn, and rapeseed, and it contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals. Also, the compound feeds are different in order to fit the sizes and nutritional needs of the chickens. The same goes for the temperatures in the stables and the height of the water tanks and food bowls, which are continually adjusted in relation to the ages and sizes of the birds – a special skill of this chicken producer, which creates the best conditions for the different chickens and their different sizes. 

Care and Consideration – Every day, all their lives

The chickens' lifespans are about 42 days. When they are being transported to the abattoir, they are collected at night to avoid any unnecessary stress among the birds. The chickens are carefully lifted by hand by local specialists in order to prevent the birds from breaking any legs or wings – a risk which occurs when using machines. The transportation time only lasts about 2 hours – which is the opposite of the average for conventional broiler chickens, in which the transportation time lasts about 12 hours.

When the chickens have been transported to the abattoir, the poultry house is thoroughly cleaned. They set aside four days for this cleaning before a new flock arrives. With this, dangers of contamination are minimal, and that’s one of the reasons why they haven’t used antibiotics for many years

Animal welfare is paramount for our new Danish chicken producer. For that reason, you can buy the fresh chicken products from Chefs Club with a peace of mind.


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