Animal Welfare, Organic Chicken, and Our Italian Supplier

Our Italian supplier prioritises animal welfare and has more than 20 years of experience raising chickens in an organic manner. Our organic chicken products from Chefs Club give you the option to serve high-quality organic chickens that taste of animal welfare all-year round!

Healthy and slow upbringing with a maximal density
The birds are raised slowly over the course of 81 days. During their lifetime, they have unlimited access to fresh water and organic GMO Free fodder made from grains of wheat, soybean seeds, and corn. The birds are raised on farms with a maximum density of 21 kg per m2. This means that they have twice as much space to roam around as opposed to birds raised under conventional circumstances, where densities up to 42 kg per m2 are permitted.

Outdoors and on atleast 4 m2 of land

The birds have access to the outdoor areas of the farms for at least one third of their lifetime, but they typically spend more than half of their lifetime outside, thanks to the great Italian climate. The outdoor areas are big enough for the birds to have at least 4 m2 of land to themselves.

Natural, robust, and disease-resistant
Throughout the long, sunny summers and mild, moist winters in the Mediterranean, the chickens build up natural, strong muscle that makes them robust and disease-resistant. On top of this, the chickens don't have their beaks trimmed, and antibiotics are only used if this is strictly necessary in order to cure the bird – never as a preventative measure. If antibiotics are used more than once in the chicken’s lifetime, the chicken is downgraded from organic to conventional.

Furthermore, the farms only use natural lighting, and the birds are guaranteed at least 8 hours of darkness every day. This ensures that they get a good night’s sleep.

Take a look at our raw, organic chicken products: 

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  • Organic Whole Chicken, 1700-2400g (1003458)
  • Organic Chicken Thigh with Backbone, 330-450g (1003258)

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