Information regarding the recyclable packaging from Chefs Club


We regret to announce that the packaging on the below listed products no longer will be recyclable. Our products used to be packed in “I’m Green 100% recyclable bags”, based on green plastic made from Brazilian sugar canes.

Unfortunately, the bags often break during production, which results in waste.

Even though we at all times strive to make our company and packaging more sustainable, we have been forced to weigh the pros and cons with the knowledge we have, and therefore have decided to stop using this type of recyclable bag.

The affected Item numbers are:

1000251 – Chicken drumsticks 80-130 g
1000451 – Chicken drumsticks 80-130 g
1005371 – Chicken breast fillet 100-120 g
1005391 – Chicken breast fillet 120-140 g
1005411 – Chicken breast fillet 140-160 g
1005431 – Chicken breast fillet 160-180 g
1005551 – Chicken fillet w/skin 120-150 g
1005671 – Chicken breast fillet t 140-180 g
1005971 - Chicken fillet dices 25 mm
1010811 – Chicken inner fillet 40g+