Hickory Wings (1013131)

Get the authentic taste of smoked Hickory wood right into your kitchen with our new Hickory Wings!

Hickory is an ancient type of wood which dates further back than the Ice Age. It is related to the walnut tree and nowadays primarily exists in America. Many years ago it was discovered that chips from this tree were especially well suited for smoking of meat. Since then smokehouses have specialized in a certain form of Hickory BBQ which you can now offer your guests the opportunity to taste.

Hickory enhances the flavour of the meat and gives it a delicious smoked flavour which blends excellently with the somewhat sweet and hot spices of the BBQ marinade. And the best part is that you need no grill to prepare these delicious and authentic wings. Just heat them in the oven or deep fryer, and they are ready to serve. Quick, easy, and effective!

The unique Hickory Wings are perfect as a snack, a side dish, or in a basket along with some of our other delicious wings. You may also serve them on a grill platter with various grilled meats. Ideal for the upcoming summer season!

Order the new Hickory Wings from your local wholesale dealer – or contact one of our consultants!