Snacking trend: The healthy snack on the go

We have taken a closer look at healthy and easy snacks that are easy to serve for your guests as a quick snack on the go.

Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we often eat on the go and take our lives in chunks. It is therefore not surprising that healthy snacking continues to be a trend in Europe.

Your guests are looking for healthy, fast food experiences

With our busy daily lives, we are slowly waving goodbye to the three classic main meals. Instead, we eat many small snacks throughout the day.

But snacking is about more than just satisfying your hunger quickly during the day. It's about short, much-needed breaks, which we fill with small and fast dining experiences. And it must be healthy and nutritious snacks, so our body can get the needed energy for the rest of the day.

That's why we believe chicken skewers are a fantastic opportunity to quickly satisfy your guests hunger during the small breaks!

A healthy (and filling) snack on the go

Almost everybody loves a juicy and delicious chicken skewer! And with our fried chicken sticks from Top Table, you can easily and quickly serve the good experience to your guests. Here are some skewers from our Top Table range that could be a good option to create an extra income during the day.

Mix your own skewers: 6 snacks for every taste

All the skewers can be easily heated directly from the freezer to the oven or microwave, so it couldn't be much easier to serve delicious, healthy chicken skewers for your guests. Check them out here!

Neutrale grillet kyllingespyd i fire forskellige størrelser Top Table

1) Neutral grilled chicken skewers in four different sizes - With these fried chicken skewers, you do more than just save time in the kitchen. You also guarantee uniformly high quality, quick snacks for your guests!

yakitori spyd satay Top Table

2) Yakitori Skewers with Satay - Let this delicious peanut butter marinade transport your guests to a foreign land through the Thai kitchen.


3) Yakitori skewers with Chili - Chicken and chili are the ultimate partners. The mild and tender chicken meat really lets the chili come into its own. That said, the skewers aren’t too spicy.


4) Yakitori skewers with Soy Sauce - With the soy marinade, two proud Japanese traditions are mixed, which together create an authentic flavor combination.


5) Yakitori skewers with BBQ - The traditional, Japanese chicken skewer meets the proud American BBQ tradition. Give your guests an experience to remember when the best of two worlds comes together for the greater good.

mango sweet chili kyllingespyd

6) Yakitori skewer Mango / Sweet chili - The skewer has the delicious notes of the fruity mango, as well as the recognizable taste of sweet chili sauce.

Help to the healthy snack menu

Our consultants have many ideas on how you can easily get healthy snacks integrated into your menu so that you can offer tasty and popular snacks for your guests during the day!

Contact your local consultant today and get inspiration for your healthy snacking menu!