No to boring food: 15 exciting chicken dishes for children

Most kids love chicken. Therefore, chicken is a sure hit if the target group in your kitchen is hungry children.

And luckily for that. Chicken has a low content of fat and is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, all of which contribute to a healthy stomach.

But when it comes to serving food to children, sometimes a little extra is needed. Children eat not only with their mouths, but to a large extent also with their eyes and ears. In other words, it is not always enough that the food tastes good. It must also look exciting and have a fun or recognizable name.

That is why we have made 15 suggestions for fun, healthy and tasty chicken dishes for children, which may give a little inspiration for your kitchen. The child-friendly dishes are made with our ready-to-serve chicken products from Top Table and can be served for lunch, packed lunches or as snacks.


Spinach has a reputation for providing great muscle mass - even among children. This healthy dish with spinach pasta, vegetables and quarter chicken tenderloins can therefore be sold to the children as pure "muscle food". And who does not want big muscles?

Product: Fried chicken inner fillet 1/4 cut, 5-10g, Item number: 1021151


Walk the plank with this healthy and tasty pirate roll. A tortilla wrap stuffed with lots of good vegetables, grilled chicken cubes and of course topped with sour cream dressing. Split my bram sails, it tastes good!

Product: Roasted chicken cubes, 12mm,
Item number: 1023011


Chicken curry is already a favorite dish at the dinner table among many children. So why not take advantage of it's popularity to serve it in your kitchen? Here we have made an easy version with rice, vegetables and cooked, picked chicken fillets, which we have turned into curry sauce. Easy and delicious!

Product: Steamed, shredded chicken fillet,
Item number: 1018371

Ninja Box-jpg4. NINJA BOX

Sneak a bunch of vegetables into the kids' lunch with this cool ninja box. We have mixed
noodles and vegetables with our baked chicken chunks, which is a sure hit with most kids. Depending on the age of the children, you can serve the dish with a few "ninja swords" in the form of chopsticks.

Product: Battered chicken chunks, 18g
Item number: 1026151


Pizza is already popular with children, but therefore you can still play a little bit with the serving. We have hidden some different vegetables in this colorful floral pizza, which we have 'flowered' with some grilled chicken strips. A healthy and child-friendly mini pizza!

Product: Roasted chicken strips, 6-8mm, Item number: 1014111

Tip! Use a wholemeal dough for the pizza base

6. UFO

Take advantage of children's fascination with space to serve these exciting UFOs, sent live
from outer space. The UFOs consist of vegetables, pizza sauce and grilled chicken fillet in slices baked in a thin pizza dough. YOu can vary the size of the UFOs according to the children's age and appetite.

Product: Roasted chicken fillet slices, 5mm, Item number: 1015111


Add some action to your lunch menu with these fun chicken bombs! Form a pizza dough around the fried mini chicken skewers so that it looks like a small bomb, and put a little gunpowder sludge around the "fuse" by sprinkling poppy seeds at the bottom. An explosion of good taste, which is guaranteed to explode the children's imagination.

Product: Fried mini chicken skewers, 12g,
Item number: 1013531


We continue the space theme with these delicious space rockets that can be sent on packed lunches as a healthy treat. Take a fried chicken skewer and shape a wholemeal dough around so it looks like a rocket. And do not forget the ketchup. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Spis!

Product: Fried chicken skewers, 50g,
Item number: 1013551


An ordinary bun can suddenly become a pleasant little gift if a nice piece of chicken is hidden inside the bun. These surprise buns, which are made on grilled chicken escalope, provide a protein-rich and filling alternative to the regular light bun. Maybe they can guess the secret flavour of the chicken! 

Product: Roasted chicken breast escalope, 30g,
Item number: 1015091

TIP! Surprise the kids by using different chicken products!


Adults will probably call it a pita, but we call it a bird house. Build your own out of pita bread and fill up with lots of vegetables, dressing and of course the bird - in this case our cooked chicken fillets in dices. An easy and fast way to serve healthy and child-friendly food!

Product: Steamed chicken fillet dices, 12mm,
Item number: 1018091


Most kids love dogs, so maybe you can please them with this crispy
and tasty "dog bones": namely our southern fried breaded chicken drum sticks.
Serve with a delicious & fresh pasta salad, and then the kids will wag their tails!

Product: Southern fried breaded drum stick, Item number: 1027491


Would you like to serve more spinach to the kids? So hide it as the green ingredient in these fun troll ears! Take a fried chicken inner fillet, some red pesto and shape a spinach dough around like a horn. Then there are green troll ears for the kids!

Product: Fried chicken inner fillet, 35-45g, Item number: 1021091

Byggemand Bob spyd


It can be both funny and healthy for the children to cook and create their own meals. Let them have fun with building their own chicken skewers! The skewers can be built with colourful peppers and tomatoes together with our fried mini chicken meatballs and fried inner fillets. Who can build the most beautiful one?

Products: Fried chicken mini meatballs, 12g (1022811) and fried chicken inner fillet 1/4, 5-10g (1021151)

TIP! Our Battered chicken chunks, 18g (1026151) are also perfect for skewers!


Leave knives & forks in the drawer, because now finger food will be on the plate! Make your own dip and serve with vegetable sticks, tomatoes and of course chicken fingers, as here our buttermilk breaded chicken strips. It's always fun to eat with your fingers and dip food in dip!

Product: Buttermilk breaded chicken strips, 40-60g, Item number: 1025131

TIP! Can also be served with Parsleybattered inner fillets (1026091), Breaded chicken inner fillets (1026031) or Southern fried chicken fillets (1026071)


The boys will whistle to lunch with these delicious football meatballs with spaghetti. The only three ingredients you will need are spaghetti, tomato sauce and our chicken mini meatballs. Considering children's relationship with both pasta, chicken and football, this dish should be a sure goal!

Product: Fried chicken mini meatballs, 12g,
Item number: 1022811

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