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"THE 20 BEST POULTRY RECIPES"  #happybirdday

Euro Poultry is reaching a milestone – we’re turning 20! That’s why we’ve collected the 20 most popular recipes throughout the years for you and your professional kitchen.

You can look forward to 20 interesting poultry recipes signifying each of our 20 years of existence. Additionally, you can take a look at a fascinating timeline with historical events and trends in the years of 1999-2019, which has occurred simultaneously with Euro Poultry’s 20 years within poultry. 

We’ve teamed up with professional Danish chef Casper Bøgeskov from the National Catering Team of Denmark – the team won gold medals at the World Championships in Luxemburg in 2018.

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TIdslinje GB burgerBurger with duck confit - og pommes frites fried in duck fat

10 people:

Duck confit, 1 kg.
Sliced Red onions , 3 pcs. 
Vinegar, 400 g.
Sugar, 400 g.
Gherkins, 500 g.
Baking potatoes, 15 pcs.
Duck fat
Brioche bun


1.  Cut the potatoes into chips ca. 2x2 cm., and boil them in water till tender
2. Bring vinegar and sugar to a boil, and then pour it over the red onions. Leave them to soak for about 6 hours. 
3. Roast on a frying pan, or in an oven, the duck confit till hot, and season it with salt and pepper.
4. Heat up the duck fat in a pot or use a fryer. Add the chips and cook them at 160˚C till golden and crisp. Turn them over in salt.
5. Arrange the burger with brioche bun, ketchup, mayonnaise, duck confit, gherkins, and salad. Place it on a plate and serve it with the chips.

Put duck confit burger - and crispy duck fries on your menu!



We hope that this article has given you and your kitchen some inspiration on how to serve duck in a new manner.

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