5 food concepts your guests will love in 2021

A wise person once said something as wild as "renew or die". That means to have a successful business, restaurant or dining place you need to be able to constantly offer something unique to customers and be willing to be innovative. It sounds demanding, but probably not completely wrong.

The competition among restaurants are always intense, and the selection will certainly not be less in relation to exciting alternatives and options, especially with various take-away apps. It obviously puts extra demands on your dining place.

We have tried to be a little creative and made some fun research on what is moving right now at the global and European food scene. We found 5 ideas for exciting food concepts in addition to the hot (upcoming) trends 2020/2021.

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1) Hot & Spicy Chicken Burger & Drinks

In the US, the Spicy Chicken sandwich / burger has topped and been the biggest trend in 2020 with an increase of 299% * in popularity so far. 

We dare to predict that Hot & Spicy chicken burger will take over Europe in a hurry very soon. There are already restaurants and cafes that have taken the initiative, so you should start launching the concept soon if you don't want to be the last!

* Source: www.thedaylimeal.com og www.guilyeats.com


2) Buffalo Chicken Pizza Friday!

We go a little further in the American theme with Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which makes you want to have a pizza party every night at your restaurant - at least every Friday! The pizza originates from New York in the mid 60s and contains shredded chicken, hot sauce and fresh spring onions. It's a pretty unique (and underestimated... if you ask us!) pizza with good storytelling and could be fun to serve for your guests. An exciting twist to the normal pepperoni pizza, it must be said.

Tip! Make a "hot-barometer 01-100" where the guest can decide for himself how strong he dares to get it. Are you a chicken?

summer salad

3) Healthy Thursday x Vitamin Boost

Healthy food is and remains a huge trend. It is always a must to be able to serve healthy and nutritious food to your guests. We propose to set up a solid healthy "all-you-can-eat"  buffet concept every Thursday with beautifully prepared seasonal salads, low-fat meat choices, healthy dips and some freshly baked wholegrain bread or Danish ryebread.

You can include 1 x "Vitamin Boost" juice in the price. Then the guests are ready to eat unhealthily the coming weekend with a little better conscience!

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Tacos Euro Poultry

4) Go Taco Maniac!  

It is taco time! Mexican tacos in small soft and warm tortillas are a trend that continues to hit around in Europe. Tacos are informal, exciting and not least wildly delicious to eat! It is always nice to share a lot of delicious tacos and getting greasy fingers with your best friends.

Set up a campaign with FREE TACOS for 2 hours, where guests can otherwise go crazy and maybe make own masterpieces. A little suggestion could be to add the new exciting product Cuban Mojo chicken from Top Table, which would be perfect for tacos!


5) One day for the climate "50/50 SUNDAY"

More and more consumers are choosing restaurants, restaurants and cafes that think and act climate-friendly. It is a great idea to join this trend and maybe have some climate-friendly dishes on the menu. Here, guests can help reduce CO2 emissions by choosing the right food.

50% free-range vegetables / 50% light meat
We suggests to arrange a climate-friendly day, where you and your guests make an extra effort for the climate, for example every Sunday or once in the month. Serve a plate with half of outdoor vegetables (more climate-friendly than vegetables from a greenhouse), and the other half with more climate-friendly meat such as chicken or fish.

Download our climate-freindly guide here!

Find you own concept in 2021

Consider how strong your current food concept at your place are now - Is it different from your competitors or do you maybe need to start up a new unique concept?

Find your very own unique, personal (and crazy!) concept and maybe twist some of tge ideas above. Write down all the ideas and do not be afraid to try some of them .. no matter how crazy and strange they are!

Do you need help to kickstart it?
If you need help with starting new food concepts or getting some unique dishes started with exciting products, you are always welcome to contact our consultants!