Why are we celebrating Saint Patrick's Day? Get the answer here - and a recipe for Irish Chicken

March 17 is the Irish National Day, where they celebrate Saint Patrick's every year. The day is a holiday in Ireland, where Irish people meet all over the world and celebrate with beer music and good food. But who was Patrick, when did he live and how did he become a saint?

Who was Sankt Patrick? 

On March 17 each year, Irish people around the world celebrate their National Day, St. Patricks Day.
The day is named after the bishop who converted the Irish to Catholicism in the 400s. The legend tells that the young boy Patrick was robbed from his family in England as a young man and brought to Ireland by Irish robbers. Here he went through many cruel things in his captivity, but after he was released, he received several religious revelations and it was clear to him that it was his job to Christianize the pagan Irish.

"Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day”

St. Patrick was successful in propagating the Catholic Church in the Irish community and his day of death on March 17 has been celebrated ever since.
In time, St. Patrick's Day has been adopted into most of the world. Hence the motto “Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day ”.

Recipe for Irish Chicken
Here is a recipe for an alternative dish of chicken, cabbage, potatoes, bacon and onions that you may be able to serve to your guests at St. Patrick's Day. Everything is cooked in one pan and then put in the oven. This dish is called Irish Chicken.

Ingredients for 10-12 people

3 whole chicken cut into pieces
(Tip: Reduce cooking time with chicken thigh meat or chicken thighs)
12 potatoes
12 large pieces of bacon
1 large cabbage head
3 onions
2 cloves of garlic
3 parts water
1 teaspoon paprika 
1½ teaspoon thyme 
1 tsk. onion powder  
salt and pepper as required


1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
2. Mix all the ingredients together and roll your chicken pieces in it.
3. Fry the four pieces of bacon and then place them on a towel so they can drip off.
4. Now brown the seasoned chicken pieces in the fat from the bacon
5. While the chicken is being well browned, you can roughly peel your potatoes and cut them into slices, then chop onions and cabbage into good coarse chunks
6. When this is done and the chicken is well browned, fill a large saucepan with chicken, cabbage, water, potatoes and onions and heat it for a few minutes.
7. Now cut your bacon into pieces and sprinkle in the pan - place the pan in the oven and cook until the chicken is done. Ca. 45-50 minutes

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