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Euro Poultry is now donating Top Table products to socially vulnerable in our society

Euro Poultry is partnering with The Danish Food Bank / The Federation of European Food Banks (FEBA) to defeat food poverty in our society

In Euro Poultry we are proud to present a new collaboration with the Danish FoodBank, which is a part of the European non-profit organization Federation of European Food Banks (FEBA). Our surplus products from our Top Table range are now going for this social purpose - to ensure that the most disadvantaged in our society also receive nutritious meals every week.


Meat is one type of food that the FoodBank has difficulties to get. For that reason, we have partnered with them and will donate our surplus of Top Table products to this initiative. In this way, European vulnerable children, young people and adults as well can benefit from our healthy and tasteful poultry products.

This week we donated around 370 kilos of Top Table surplus products and we were very excited to follow the Danish Food Banks, the Danish initiative of FEBA, first week's delivery to various social sanctuary centers around in Aalborg.


The first stop was a social sanctuary, where up to 250 socially disadvantaged people receive meals weekly. The chef welcomed 5 kilos of Top Table chicken with great enthusiasm and joy! We then followed the Food Bank's transport car to a sanctuary for vulnerable Greenlandic citizens which as well were handed same amount of Top Table products. The route continued to four other centers, which all received chicken to serve the week's meals.

As new donors in the Food Bank, we look forward to continuing contributing with our surplus of Top Table chicken weekly to vulnerable people in our global society!