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Curry soup with grilled chicken dices, leeks and toasted rye bread

Autumn is sneaking up on us. Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and the guests are no longer hungry for grilled meat and cold potato salad.

Therefore, autumn means changes in the menu card for many kitchens. And one of the more autumn-like dishes is the warm, creamy and tasteful soup, which makes the summer farewell far more bearable.

We’ve let ourselves be seduced by the autumn atmosphere and made a curry soup with grilled chicken dices from Top Table, topped with leeks cut in thin rings and toasted rye bread. An easy and delicious way to greet the autumn!

The chicken dices are made from breast filets and have a size of 15 mm. They are lightly spiced and grilled in advance, so you can concentrate 100% on making a tasteful and creamy soup.

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