Duck Confit: Three easy ways to make Confit de Canard

Would you like to offer your guests the incredible culinary experience of Confit de Canard? However, do you – like so many others – give up because it is troublesome and too time-consuming to prepare?

We have good news for you. As a part of our Top Table assortment, we offer you three products which – each in their own way – make it easy for you to serve this popular French specialty to your guests.

1. The quick shortcut to Confit de Canard

Pulled Confit de Canard – Product no. 1054951 – Packaging: 5 x 1,000g

With our pulled Confit de Canard you can skip all the hard, preparatory work. Skærmbillede 2020-12-01 kl. 08.50.29You do not have to wash, dry, season and preserve the meat for 24 hours. Also, you avoid having to boil the duck in its own fat for 4-6 hours – and ultimately, you do not have to remove the duck meat from the bones. Also, you avoid all the cleaning afterwards. Instead, you can simply use the tender, juicy and flavourful duck meat straight from the Top Table packaging and add it to your dishes.

It is excellent for e.g. sandwiches, salads, duck pates, duck mixtures and soups. And since it is duck wings that we have confited, you will get an amazingly tasty duck product! The duck meat is packaged in small 1-kilo packages. In this way, all chefs can use it and at the same time keep food waste at a minimum. 

Did you know… that ducks used to make our pulled Confit de Canard are raised in France? Here they are bred slowly for a minimum of 102 days. Under blue skies and in free, natural surroundings. It does not get to be much more French – or authentic – than that! 


2. The simple Confit de Canard classic

Confit de Canard – Product no. 1054931 – Packaging: 4 x 1,350g, cans

Naturally, you should also have the opportunity to serve confited duck leg a la carte. Once again, we have made it a little easier for you. All you have to do is to remove the legs from the can, roast the Skærmbillede 2020-12-01 kl. 08.50.22skin until crispy and serve them in a classic Confit de Canard dish. Naturally, you can also pull the meat from the legs and use it in other dishes.

The duck legs are cooked directly in the can to avoid bacteria which also gives it a shelf life of 4 years. And of course, the ducks are bred in France following French traditions. The signature product is meaty legs with a nice layer of fat which leaves you with the best end-product!

3. The ultimate tool for you who wants to do it yourself

Duck fat – Product no. 1054011 – Packaging: 9 x 700g, cans

What if you just want to prepare Confit de Canard in a slightly easier way? Skærmbillede 2020-12-01 kl. 08.50.44You can benefit from our canned duck fat. All you have to do is place the fat in a saucepan with your raw duck legs and let them simmer for 4-6 hours. This results in incredibly tender and flavourful duck legs that you can roast until crispy and serve whole or pulled in other dishes.

You can also use the duck fat to add a little extra flavour to your sauces. Or to fry your French fries – the so-called duck fat fries which are particularly popular in street food kitchens. The duck fat is great for bringing the fantastic flavour of Confit de Canard into your dishes!

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