Climate Friendly Food doesn’t need to be Meatless - Chicken products from Chefs Club

More and more consumers choose restaurants that think and act climate
friendly. But that doesn’t mean that you need to remove animal meat from your menu.

For an instance, did you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% by serving chicken instead of beef?


The chicken is far more climate friendly than cows, pigs, and lambs are. According to CONCITO, a green think tank located in Denmark, chicken emits the same amount of carbondioxide (CO2) as plant-based meats.

So, if you want to ride this green wave and continue to serve meat, you should start to include a larger amount of chicken into your dishes. We have made it easy and appealing for you with our new chicken products from Chefs Club.

Chefs Club – the easy usage of chicken

Ranging from lean breast meat to tender inner fillets and tasty chicken legs – the chicken is a bird with a lot of great types of cuts. With Chefs Club, we have cut and trimmed the different types of chicken for you, so that you can spend your time adding your unique signature touch to the dish.

Several of the products are available both fresh and frozen so that you can choose the type that suits your kitchen best. This gives you an increased flexibility and minimizes the risk of food waste, which is also a large climate sinner.

2 GB Chefs Club Climate friendly meat choiceThe great, pure experience of chicken

Chicken is not just good for the climate – it is also healthy for your body. The white meat is rich on proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains less saturated fats in comparison to red meats such as beef, lamb and pork. 

With the new products from Chefs Club, your guests can enjoy 100% of the nutritional values of the chicken. There is no added water in the products, and therefore you can provide your guests with the great and pure taste-experience of chicken.

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