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Canned Duck Fat, 700g (1054011)

Want to make duck confiting a bit easier? Or do you want to make your sauces and potatoes extra tasty? Try our canned Duck Fat from Top Table!

With our Duck Fat you can easily confit your raw duck legs. Just pour the fat into a pot together with the raw duck legs and cook for 4-6 hours. You will end up with incredibly tender and tasty duck legs which you can fry crispy and serve whole or pulled for sandwiches, salads, or duck rilettes. Simple but very effective! 

Did you know that in our Chefs Club range we offer two popular raw duck legs perfectly suited for confiting? Read more about our Barbary Duck Legs (1054531) and Challandais Duck Legs (1054611)


Duck Fat can also be used to add extra flavour to your sauces. EN_andefedt-skiferAnd it is perfect for deep-frying French fries – also known as duck fat fries – which is offered by many street food kitchens in particular.

In other words, our Duck Fat gives you the opportunity to easily introduce the great taste of Confit de Canard into your kitchen. The cans come in 5x700g, meaning that all types of kitchen can benefit from this product!

Order our canned Duck Fat from your local wholesale dealer – or contact one of our consultants!