Agreement among Chefs: these chickens are the best

We have already talked about the benefits of using whole chickens in your kitchen, but which whole chickens should you choose for your cooking?

We recommend using Chefs Club’s whole chickens, which are the best products on the market according to our customers.

High Quality

“Chef Club’s whole chicken is super firm and very meaty. Also, it’s got a great and strong taste. Additionally, it’s super easy to handle. There’s nothing to remove and no leftover giblets. When the quality is so high and the product is so perfect, it doesn’t even need to be fresh. It might not be the cheapest product, but it’s the best.” 

– Morten Nielsen, Canteen Head chef at Alfa Laval 

A lot firmer meat

“Chefs Club’s whole chickens are the best. When they are on the rotisserie, they are a lot firmer than the competitors’ chickens. Chefs Club’s chickens are full of meat, and the texture is a lot more natural, which makes it stay nicely on the rotisserie.” 

– Rasmus Myrfeld, owner of Pibegrillen (a grill located in Denmark).

We are saving time and wages

“Here, we only use Chefs Club’s 1400-gram Whole chickens. They hardly shrink during roasting, and the meat retains its juiciness. Also, we are saving a lot of money in wages on the fact that the products are perfectly in order and neatly cleaned. The chickens defrost in three days in the fridge, and the shrinkage is minimal – only about one litre of fluid from 10 chickens. That’s a nice result.” 

– Johnny Kromann, Head chef at Klosterkroen (Restaurant located in Denmark)

Specialised in raising chickens since 1876 

Chefs Club’s whole chickens are produced in the Netherlands by a family-owned business that has specialised in the raising and butchering of chickens since 1876. The chickens are fed using the farm’s own feeding stuff from their feeding mill. The chickens are raised and butchered on the farm, which spares them long hours of transit.

The keyhole labelled chickens are available in four sizes:

Do you want to try Chefs club’s Whole Chickens? Our consultants are more than happy to drop by with a free sample. Want to hear more? Contact a consultant in your area today!

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