7 alternative ways to serve duck

Very few would argue that duck is both delicious and tasteful. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to serve the popular duck in new and original ways.

Therefore, we’ve made a list of 7 alternative ways that you can serve duck in your kitchen!

1. Pulled Duck Burger

Give the traditional burger a twist with your own Pulled Duck Burger. Use the remains from yesterday’s whole duck and shred the meat apart with a couple forks and add a little duck fat. If you don’t have leftovers, you can also buy a can of confit de canard, which is perfect for Pulled Duck. Serve the shredded duck in a burger bun together with e.g. red cabbage, pickles, brown sauce and crispy apples.

2. Duck Mix

You can also make an awesome Duck Mix. Again, you can use confit de canard and simply shred it into strips and then heat and serve it together with French fries and of course topped with a nice creamy dressing. A sinful, but delicious dish, which you may have already seen on Street Foods.

3. Duck Salad

Duck can also be used in more healthy contexts. For example, as topping in your salads or in your salad bar. This is especially suitable if you have duck breast left-overs from the day before. Cut the duck breast into slices and give the salad a nice taste of umami. The delicious duck slices can also work well as the protein source in the popular Poke Bowls!

4. Hot Duck

Another classic that you can give a twist of duck is the hot dog. Here, you can replace the pork sausage with spicy confit de canard strips and thus create a different dining experience for the many hotdog lovers. Make your own unique “Hot Duck” with the ingredients that you think goes well with duck – perhaps inspired by the Asian cuisine? 

5. Duck on a skewer

Often you can use duck in the dishes where you already use chicken. And this also applies to the well-known chicken skewer. Cut the duck into mundane pieces, perhaps spice them with a marinade made of soy and honey and put duck pieces on skewers together with some vegetables. A simple and tasteful duck skewer that can be served with rice, noodle salads or something completely third.

6. Duck Bao

We’ve already looked at how you can serve duck in your burgers. And the same goes if you want baos on the menu. Take a duck breast, cut it into slices and put them in a bao with, for example, salad, spring onion and teriyaki sauce. A great alternative in the Asian kitchen!

7. Oven-baked duck thighs with seasonal root vegetables

Duck thighs are also a tasteful slicing that you can serve in different ways in your kitchen. Spice the duck thighs and bake them in the oven together with root vegetables of the season. Serve with a sauce or dip. An easy and delicious way to serve duck, which you can vary all year round!

Put the popular duck on your menu

We hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to serve duck in new ways in your kitchen.

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You can, among other things, get your hands on the unique French Challandais Duck breast and thighs, which for the last 60 years and until now has only been sold to selected restaurants in the world. We also offer confit de canard from can, which is already prepared for you, so you only need to heat it and shred it into strips.

If you need more tips on how to put the popular duck on your menu, you are always welcome to contact one of our consultants!