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5 reasons why chicken is healthy to eat for you – and your guests

The smoke from New Year’s Eve has barely settled before the wave of New Year’s resolutions have flushed over us. The calendar shows January, and for many people this month is dedicated to healthy choices.

And since health has everything to do with what’s being served on the plate, we focus on some of the healthy benefits that you – and your guest – can reap by putting chicken on the menu.

So, take a glass of water and a bite of a broccoli – and let’s get started!

1. High protein content

First of all, chicken is filled with proteins, which are the building blocks of muscles. Proteins is composed of amino acids, which also maintains and strengthens other vital functions in the body, including cells, bones and the degradation of toxics. So you just put chicken soup on the menu tomorrow!

2. Rich on vitamins

In addition to proteins, chicken is also rich in vitamins. By eating chicken, your guests get, among other things, the important B vitamins that strengthen the immune system, improve the nervous system and generally give more energy in the everyday life.
Moreover, chicken also produces a good shot of vitamin D, which is a rare commodity in these dark winter times, while the vitamin A in chicken ensures a sharp eyesight. Perhaps you should convince your guest to cancel Gran Canaria and their contact lenses subscription and instead order one of your chicken sandwiches?

3. Low on fat

Chicken also excels by being a lean meat protein, with a low content of saturated fat compared to red meat types such as beef and pork. This not only contributes to a healthy weight, but also benefits the cholesterol number. So replace the beef in the burger with a juicy chicken filet and serve it with good conscience!

4. Lots of minerals

On the mineral front, your guests are also well covered. Chicken is rich in iron, which helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to the cells, phosphorus, which contributes to strong teeth and a healthy brain, and selenium, which plays an important role in the cell’s defense against diseases such as cancer.

5. Good for the stomach

Just like the food we eat, our list ends in the digestive system. The proteins, vitamins, minerals and the low content of saturated fat all contribute to a healthy stomach. And this, as you surely know, provides well-being. However, keep in mind that meat does not contain dietary fiber, which is also important for digestion. But then it’s fortunate that chicken can be served in many different dishes, in good company with many other healthy and fiber-based ingredients!


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