3 delicious wings - and 3 ways how to serve them


In the occasion of International "Chicken Wing day" we have selected some  of our best chicken wings to spice up any menu and thereby also 3 ways to serve your chicken wings that will make your guests fall backwards.

Chicken wings are known everywhere in the world and have always been very popular. In fact so popular that they have had their very own day - and that day is the 1st of July.

Read here to get inspiration for the absolutely perfect chicken wings and cooking!



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     The wings are coated in a crisp breading which         combined with the meat creates a fantastic tex.       ture. And what’s more. The crispy wings have a         delicious, spicy flavour which is somewhat hot         but not burning. So they can be enjoyed by               everyone! Link to the Breaded hot kicking                 wings here

     In the video we serve the wings with                             ranch dressing and chives - simpel  and deli.             cious. Learn how to - click here




2. Grilled hot wings

These hot wings are a true classic. The grilled          hot wings from Top Table are marinated in a delicious hot sauce. In the video we serve the              wings with ranch dressing and chives - simpel  and delicious. Learn how to - click here

The grilled hot wings are loose frozen so yo can easily defrost the right amount of wings. You can find the grilled hot wings here



3. Grilled smokey bbq wings
The delicious Smokey BBQ XL wings are a juicy, delicious and meatfull product from Top Table. In the video we serve the wings with Asian BBQ, ranch dressing mixed with avocado, fried panko og chives. Learn how to here 

The wings have an authentic smoke aroma which you can smell already opening the bag. The lovely smell combined with the sweetness in the BBQ-marinate it gives the wings an incredible taste. Find the wings here


Read more about the famous chicken wing day: The 1st of July it's the International Chicken Wing Day


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