3 delicious recipes with chicken escalope for your Cafe or Restaurant

Are you looking for a little renewal on your menu? Then read this, and you will find 3 delicious dishes with our Top Table chicken escalope (item number: 1015091) which is easy to prepare and irresistible for your guests to set their teeth into!

Escalope is a special cut from the French kitchen, where you cut the top of a fillet and then tap it flat to break down the meat fibers. It gives an incredibly tender piece of meat that we have cut into small medallions and grilled so they are ready to serve in your kitchen!



1. Gourmet chicken pizza

Pizza is always a good idea. So why not just make a smile and delicious chicken pizza! With our Top table Chicken Escalope, fresh arugula salad and just add fresh mozzarella on top. This will give your guests a pleasant surprise!

Nothing can go wrong with such a unique and crunchy dining experience. With our delicious Chicken Escalopes, even the simplest dish can become completely irresistible!




2. Juicy chicken tortilla

Mini tortillas are still a popular and completely irresistible little temptation… They are especially perfect for an exciting diner outside in the glowing evening sun. There are countless opportunities to make the small masterpieces - and when you only use poultry when cooking, you can offer a slightly healthier alternative.

In the picture you a serving with avocado, chives, peppers, tomatoes, coleslaw, chili mayo and our popular chicken scallops!


3. Tasty chicken salad!

This light serving of chicken salad is both tastfull and provides many opportunities for your guests to taste something delicious and light. This salad here is composed of various lettuce leaves, avocado, strawberries, spicy salad cheese and of course our delicious Chicken Escalope.

There are countless exciting compositions, and you have the opportunity to make many tasty and unique plates of chicken scallops, which you can also season with different tasty spices.

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