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14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes

With tapas your guests get the opportunity to taste many small dishes, something that has made the Spanish specialty popular many places in the world.

Tapas can be prepared both cold and warm, with different flavors and textures, and the small dishes can be served as appetizers, snacks or put together for a larger meal. The possibilities are endless, and it’s only the fantasy that sets the limits.

Below you will find our 14 suggestions for fast and easy tapas dishes, which may give you some inspiration in your kitchen.

1. Bruschetta topped with chicken

Spread green pesto on slices of flütes. Put a chicken escalope and a slice of tomato on top, sprinkle with spicy cream cheese and decorate with a little basil.

Product: Roasted chicken breast escalope, 30 g (1015091)

2. Confit de carnard

Mix confit and fried mushrooms and serve in a small bowl. Decorate with a drizzle of dried apples, cranberries and some fresh green parsley.

Product: Confit de canard (1054911)

3. On a bottom of chicken

Put chicken escalope as bottom and put a small spear in the middle. Slice a grape down through the spear followed by a piece of rolled chorizo on top.

Product: Roasted chicken breast escalope, 30 g (1015091)

4. Bird in the wild

A classic tapas on spear is never to be missed. Take a spear of appropriate size and fill it with slices of chicken inner fillet combined with colorful and tasty vegetables, such as squash, red onion, pepper and tomatoes.

Product: Fried chicken inner fillet 1/2, 10-15g (1021131)

5. Southern Fried under the blue sky

Bring your guests to warmer climes with our Southern Fried breaded chicken fillet. Serve a blue cheese cream out of crème fraiche, mayonnaise and a small piece of blue cheese, which is brought together in a bowl. It doesn’t matter if there are some small whole pieces of cheese in it, it’s just a little glimpse of the clear blue sky.

Product: Southern fried breaded chicken inner fillet, 30-50g (1026071)

6. Blossoming tapas

Get creative with the preparation by cutting a chicken inner fillet a little slant so that it can stand up. Fold a piece of serrano ham around. Cut squash into very thin slices on a grater and fold it around the ham again. Then you have some nice, blossoming tapas.

Product: Fried chicken inner fillet, 35-45 g (1021091)

7. Crispy tapas

Like tapas, the crispy nachos also originate from the Spanish-speaking climes and will be perfect as a miniature edition on the tapas table. Take a tortilla chip, put a Tex Mex grilled chicken slice or two on top and sprinkle with grated mozzarella.

Product: Roasted chicken breast fillet in slices tex-mex, 7 mm (1015611)

8. Meatballs with bird seeds

Our soft, calorie-free meatballs are also delicious for the tapas table. Turn the chicken mini meatballs in maple syrup, sprinkle with sesame seeds and then place them on a stick.

Product: Fried chicken mini meatballs, 12 g (1022811)

9. Green meatballs

The chicken mini meatballs can also be served in a greener version. Turn the meatballs in a mixture of lemon, oil and finely chopped fresh herbs, such as parsley and basil.

Product: Fried chicken mini meatballs, 12 g (1022811)

10. Chicken in miniature

Fried mini chicken sticks fit perfectly into the tapas world and can be prepared in various ways. For example, serve them with a dip and on a nice bottom of salad leaves.

Product: Fried chicken mini stick, 12 g (1013531)

11. Taste of Jamaica

Invite your guests to Jamaica with this little tapas arrangement. Take a slice of ciabatta bread and stir a little salad into a green pesto and put on the bread. Put a slice of Jamaican Jerk Escalope on top, decorate with a quarter of cherry tomato and stick a wooden stick through to hold together this delicious bite of Jamaica.

Product: Roasted chicken breast escalope – jamaican jerk, 30 g (1015051)

12. Chicken and pork

An inner fillet has a natural tapas size, so this cut is easy to use. For example, mix it in red pesto and fold a piece of serrano ham around.

Product: Fried chicken inner fillet, 35-45 g (1021091)

13. Chicken skewer with peanut butter

Mix peanut butter, acacia honey, lemon juice, red curry and squeezed garlic in a bowl and stir the marinade well together. Turn the chicken skewer in marinade and let it dry for an hour – preferable longer. After that, grill or roast the skewers on a grid in the oven.

Product: Fried chicken skewer, 50 g (1013551)

14. Vol-au-vent

Why not include a specialty from the French cuisine in your tapas menu? The Vol-au-vent is a small hollow case of puff pastry. Fill it with a mix of shredded chicken fillet, red onion and pepper in small dices, some fresh chili and finally sprinkle with a few drops of lemon oil and some shredded parsley. Voilá!

Product: Steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet (1018371)