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Euro Poultry increases the standard with Next Level
24.11.2020 KnowledgeTips & AdviceProduct news

Next Level improves the living conditions for chickens Great news! You can now get the popular Chicken Slices from Top Table, which live up to an even higher standards than the European ECC standard....

How & why you should calculate your menu and dishes
09.10.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

If you are not calculating the cost prices and sales prices of your menus at the moment, then it is maybe a good idea to begin calculating. There may be reasons why not all restaurants perform this...

Find your target group & sell the most profitable dish
07.10.2020 Tips & AdviceProduct news

Try to satisfy all types of customers and you will end up satisfying none. We have taken a closer look of how to find and reach your fast food target group - and how your restaurant can become unique...

Snacking trend: The healthy snack on the go
16.09.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

We have taken a closer look at healthy and easy snacks that are easy to serve for your guests as a quick snack on the go. Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we...

5 food trend predictions for 2020-2021
02.09.2020 KnowledgeTips & AdviceFood teends

It is often difficult to know and spot which food trends and tendencies that will dominate in the future. Moreover, the whole covid-19 situation has made it even more difficult to predict. We have...

5 food concepts your guests will love in 2021
31.08.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

A wise person once said something as wild as "renew or die". That means to have a successful business, restaurant or dining place you need to be able to constantly offer something unique to customers...

No to boring food: 15 exciting chicken dishes for children
30.07.2020 Tips & AdviceRecipes

Most kids love chicken. Therefore, chicken is a sure hit if the target group in your kitchen is hungry children. And luckily for that. Chicken has a low content of fat and is rich in proteins,...

Why you should implement snacking in your kitchen
08.07.2020 Food trendsTips & Advice

Our traditional way of eating is changing. We are busier than ever, so we often eat on the go or get deliveries of take away. It is therefore not surprising that one of the very big food trends is...

Summer take away: Spice up your salad bar with healthy and flavorful chicken
10.06.2020 Tips & Advice

Summer is here! And the many health conscious consumers are looking for inspiring and healthy salads to enjoy in the summer sun. We have therefore taken a closer look at how you can spice up your...

14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes
22.05.2020 Recipes

With tapas your guests get the opportunity to taste many small dishes, something that has made the Spanish speciality popular many places in the world.