About Euro Poultry 

We supply professional kitchens with poultry products through our two strong food service brands: Chefs Club and Top Table.

A world of poultry

Customer at Euro Poultry

As a customer at Euro Poultry, you get access to a unique world of poultry. We import the best poultry products from the world's most skilled manufacturers and deliver to our customers through their wholesalers. Across restaurants, cafes and canteens in Europe, our poultry products are served in over 65,000,000 meals each year.

But at Euro Poultry we want to be more than just a poultry supplier. We want to be your favorite partner and poultry specialist. Who not only supplies you with the best poultry products, but also provides you with solutions and experiences that create added value in your daily life.
The unique concept
We call it The Unique Concept
– and it’s the whole foundation of Euro Poultry. Rasmus Mou Nielsen, General Sales Manager at Euro Poultry